Monday, May 19, 2008

Raising Water for Darfur

In our email today from Darfur Peace & Development. It's long so we include only a portion. Giulia & her editor urge everyone to help. Thanks! (water bottles via Quiet Like Horses)


Dear Supporters,
Darfur Peace & Development Organization would like to thank you for your continued support and dedication to restoring peace to Darfuri communities. As our programs continue to grow, we will provide you with information regarding persistent needs that arise in Darfur, and hope that you, as supporters, can organize to help meet these needs. We are so grateful for your involvement in this cause!

DPDO is deeply saddened to report the bombing that occurred on May 4 at the Shegekaro School of Peace in North Darfur. This tragedy left 6 students dead and devastated the community.
One of the two water pumps accessible to the Shegekaro community was destroyed in the attack, forcing families to wait into the night at the one remaining water pump to collect water. DPDO is currently working on getting an estimate on the damages done to the water pump and the cost of repairing it.