Friday, January 30, 2009

Mélange - Week's End

Somewhat inspired by a {this is glamorous} post...we bid you bon weekend as we rush off to attend to alarmingly long bangs, catch up on reading, films, laundry, apartment, & GG maintenance. And (yes!) the Super Bowl on Sunday. Go Steelers! (If you can't beat'em...) Catherine Deneuve reading on Sardinia photograph (Nello Di Salvo via Vogue Italia) is pure fantasy vacation fever. (other photographs 1) Martin Rusch via Tatielle,; 2) Emma Summerton for Vogue Italia; 3) Simple Laundry by adorable miki** on flickr; 4) Eastern Market via The DC Traveler. The out-of-season flowers & produce collage is also a fever-induced fantasy:)

Bon weekend & ciao-meow,
GG & her editor

Coffee Love & Bleeding Espresso

We love reading Bleeding Espresso & visit often. Do's a free trip to Calabria, southern Italy complete with What's Cooking Wednesdays, Love Thursdays, & everything in between. We've not time to ask her for a photo, so we go with this hilarious poster...kind of sums us up sometimes.

Michelle's self-description: "Michelle Fabio, an American writer and attorney leaves the Anthracite Coal Region of Pennsylvania for her family's ancestral village in Calabria, Italy, falls in love, gets two dogs, writes to her heart's content and begins bleeding espresso. No, really."

Take it from GG Central, she's funny, kind, & thoughtful. Coincidentally, she's up for Best European Bloggie Award. Visit her & then vote...she didn't ask us, we think you should!

ciao-meow & baci!
GG's editor

(vintage coffee advert via we heart it)

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Humphrey in Black & White

We adore Humphrey, the peaceable Gran Canarian gato. Here he sits for a dramatic b&w photo for his human, Marianne Perdomo. Lovely. GG is now on strike (from what?!) until she is the star of a photo shoot. Sigh.

xo, bisou,
GG's put-upon editor

Waiting in Northern Uganda...

...for far too long. Answer this darling little girl's phone call.

Please go to Enough Project & read about the LRA & what they have wrought in northern Uganda. All of the "waiting" countries in this week's blog posts border each other. One conflict bleeds into another, while possessing unique characteristics. Many of you know about the "night commuter" children in northern Uganda (see Oprah link). The conflict remains in flux, Joseph Kony, leader of the LRA is on the run. Please visit Enough & partner Resolve Uganda to help. Because you can help & it costs not one cent.

"A child plays with a toy mobile phone in Oromi Camp in Kitgum District, northern Uganda, 19 May 2007. Since mid-2002, the LRA has abducted an estimated 12,000 children, who have then been subjected to - or forced to witness or commit - atrocities that compel them to remain with the LRA as fighters, porters, or "wives". (photograph © Manoocher Deghati/courtesy of IRIN)

xoxo, GG Central

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Lacy window

Here comes the bride? There goes the widow? Who knows? More random than usual, which is saying something. But we love the Vogue Italia photograph by Steven Klein (via our scan). One could stay up all night thinking up silly titles. But foggy-brained, lacking time & another storm's a-comin'. GG is panicked that we'll lose power overnight. (OK, it's her editor who's worrying about it. GG doesn't worry about too much; she figures stuff works out.) Give us snow or rain but not the DC-area "wintry mix."One time our late Lily Rose's water bowl froze solid; this is a cold apartment.

a bright red ciao-meow & cozy evening to all...
GG Central

Waiting in Zimbabwe...

Again. Please visit Enough Project for information on what you can do. Also Amnesty International. If you haven't heard about Zimbabwe's plight, then perhaps you haven't been listening or watching the real news for many years. Please go to BBC World News--it does a much better job than any American organization. (uncredited photograph of HIV/AIDS orphan in Domboshava, Zimbabwe courtesy of IRIN.)


GG's editor

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Waiting in Congo/Attente au Congo, part 2

There's no excuse for this, none at all. (See GG November post, part 1)

Anderson Cooper's 360° blog, here. His 60 Minutes piece The War Against Women is still the best & most comprehensive. Things have only gotten worse, though. Go to Enough Project's What You Can Do For Eastern Congo (7 Things). It's takes so little effort & the pay-off can be huge if we all work together. Raise Hope for Congo is affiliated with Enough & has a good website, too. Friends of the Congo is a terrific organization, visit them here.

GG's increasingly impatient editor

(photograph courtesy of © Les Neuhaus/IRIN)

Granola Chipmunk

Many problems with computer because of take a look at this cute guy (eating a granola bar) that wandered into the gaze of Tom Grim's camera lens. The titles on the "chippy" photos are funny, too. Go here for Tom's flickrstream sets. They're varied in subject & are terrific.

A fuming ciao-annoyed-meow at Picasa & therefore Google...
GG's editor

Monday, January 26, 2009

Purple Finch

Another beautiful bird photograph by Tom Grim, Whitehall, Pennsylvania. (Here's his gorgeous flickrstream.) Even GG would leave this little guy alone (we hope). Just to be sure, her bird watching is restricted to one side of a double-paned window.

ciao-meow & good evening to all!
GG's editor

Waiting in Darfur...

...& in Chad. Deceptively peaceful looking. Trouble is brewing, as usual, in Chad, uproar in Congo. Mia Farrow is in Darfur/Chad right now & here is her website/blog. Momentum to do something about Darfur (& other areas of Sudan) has been growing as Obama's Inaugural approached. Susan Rice's United Nations appointment is a good sign.

If you want to help, Darfur Peace & Development Organization is a good place to start (the website is undergoing a bit of work, so please be patient). For information, policy, & activist positions, Enough Project is excellent. So, too, is Amnesty International.

It's a busy week ahead for all of us, but please read a bit from Mia's website/blog. She has especially intriguing entries the past 12 days, ranging from Rwanda to Congo, with Darfur/Chad in between. No need to paraphrase her. She's an eloquent writer. [Photographs courtesy of Mia Farrow/all rights reserved]

Ciao for now.
GG's editor

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Weekend Update: The Daily Kitten

The Obama's are adopting a puppy in the spring. We've heard. We're delighted. We love dogs. However, we're annoyed with reporters fixated on the "pet" story who immediately segue into "dogs/puppies" when it comes to the wider viewing/reading audience. As in "adopt a pet," "there are so many puppies & dogs in need." What?

In a lame-o attempt to even the field, we offer the following. Please go to, The Daily Kitten, & here, especially for those in the DC-area, the Washington Animal Rescue League. There are so many cats & kittens who need a home. GG would like to remind everyone that she, a magnanimous feline, loves dogs, too. GG was "found" on Her adoption photo is her profile photo above. As imperfect as it is, it reminds us of that time nearly 3 years ago when she was looking for a home. Sniff.

Now ciao-meow & back to our weekend!

GG & her editor

PS: Enough with the Bush twins. That letter will soon be shopped around as a potential musical /play. The first few "listenings" -- cute, sweet. Now? Stop the madness!

[Photos from The Daily Kitten via Cute Overload:)]

Friday, January 23, 2009

Neil Young - Week's End

Yeah, we agree with Neil. If you've not seen Neil Young: Heart of Gold by the fabulous Jonathan Demme, perhaps it's the weekend to finally rent it. (Also get thee to the theatre for Demme's Rachel Getting Married.)

Peace & ciao-meow,
GG & her editor

(scan from Mirror Ball CD, 1995/design Gary Burden for R.Twerk & Co.)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Zen cat

Look at calm, adorable Humphrey. Perhaps he has been working on his mini-grass garden (see earlier today)? Anyway, we're keeping this cool cat's demeanor in mind while we catch up on Darfur, Congo, Zimbabwe news.

Have a great evening,
ciao-meow, GG's editor

(photograph by Marianne Perdomo)

Midwinter Zen mini-gardening

Our friend Ali, of the popular hot chocolate & marshmallow-making article, included this cute mini-kit in our annual Christmas "stocking" package. The seeds have been soaking since yesterday & today we sow. GG has been warned of the no-tolerance policy with regard to violence against sprouts. We remain unmoved & unconvinced by her innocent-eyed 'who me?' look.

bisou! GG's gardener

(image from amazon/running press)

Friends & Inaugural Week

How adorable are our friends Isabelle, Lenny, & their little Phoenix? A bilingual, French-American famille living in Washington. These are from Inauguration Eve & taken on Pennsylvania Avenue. GG can't wait for Phoenix to come over soon--she adores him (& he speaks French so much better than her editor:)

GG Central

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Weight of the World...

We hope that the weight of the world will rest as lightly as this balloon, at least sometimes. are in trouble! (Pure Wonder series by Ellen von Unwerth, scans from Vogue Italia)

an exhausted ciao-meow,
GG Central

Now, for the hard part...

The work, that is...

GG's nom de plume
originated at one of our favorite places, the National Cathedral. That's a story for another day. Here's a lovely photo of the illuminated Cathedral by Rachel Cooper. The national prayer service is at 10am & you can watch online here & you can light a virtual candle for President Obama.

a tired but happy ciao-meow,
GG & her editor

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Signed, Sealed, Delivered!

Miss Natasha "Sasha" Obama approves. So do we! The girls are adorable, Michelle looks lovely, & everyone is either exhausted, eating, or attending to other things for a little break (or all at the same time!). Here are some more photos, here the text of the Inaugural Speech. Watch the parade & have fun. Ciao everyone! (Photo/AP)

GG's exhausted editor

Happy Inauguration Day!

We're too superstitious to post a thing until the deed is done. Until then, thank you to our friends & readers --especially those abroad (this means you, too, Anita!) for your good wishes & hopes for our President-elect & America. It means a lot -- it's been a long haul.

We'll see you soon!
GG & her editor

(image via Vintage Holiday Crafts, a wonderful resource)

Monday, January 19, 2009

Inauguration Eve

(photograph/David Katz/Presidential Inaugural Committee)

Inaugural Countdown: Blair House

The Obama family has been staying at Blair House [the President's Guest House] this last week. One more night. There's a Lincoln Room & we were wondering last night whether Barack (are we still allowed to call him that? It feels weird now...) has walked around the room very much. David Axelrod said that Obama wrote "the lion's share of his [Inaugural] speech last weekend." Wonder if he's tried it out on Abe? We sure would.

You can take a virtual tour of Blair House & the Lincoln Room. Pretty soon, we'll be walking by without much of a thought. At the moment, it seems the center of the universe.

ciao-meow, GG Central

Dr. King & a Day of Service

This year, on Dr. King's birthday holiday, more people than ever plan to donate a day of service. Please remember our friends abroad, too. Dr. King considered himself an American & a citizen of the world. We are certain that he would be speaking out about the crises in Darfur, Congo, Zimbabwe, & Uganda (amongst many). Please visit Enough Project, as one example, & see what you can do in a very short amount of time & for zero money (though that's always appreciated).

GG & her editor

(Photograph of Dr. King, via Public Domain Clip Art)
World Telegram & Sun photo by Dick DeMarsico/No copyright restriction known.
Staff photographer reproduction rights transferred to Library of Congress through Instrument of Gift.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Scenes from We Are One concert

Pete is singing This Land, right now. Here are some photos of Bruce, Queen L., & Jack Black (is he excited or what?!) for now. Go to David Katz/Presidential Inaugural Committee's flickrstream for more shortly.

Ciao-meow & love to all from Washington, DC!

xoxo, GG & her editor

Kevin Mazur/Courtesy of HBO via

Inaugural Countdown: Sunday Scenes

(Photographs by David Katz/Presidential Inaugural Committee)
GG collage

Lincoln Memorial Inauguration Concert

The Presidential Inaugural Committee is doing an amazing job. Some photographs of yesterday's rehearsal for today's We Are One concert at the Lincoln Memorial. Go here for the flickr set. If you don't have HBO, watch online if you have a good connection. If not, WAMU-FM & other NPR stations will broadcast live, online, & regular ol' radios. It's too cold for GG & her editor, so we'll be listening at home.

Update: Go here if you suddenly decide you must be there. But it's very late for it.

The Boss has come a long way from playing free concerts at American U. Go Bruce! (Doesn't Pete Seeger look snappy in his arancia-colored jacket & cool cap?) See Bono's close-cropped head--hey, put on a hat, silly! Other folks are so (wisely) bundled up that it's not easy to tell identity. We can't find Stevie in the shots but he will be there today: signed, sealed, delivered:)

ciao-meow & go Steelers!
GG Inauguration & Sports Central

(photographs by David Katz/Presidential Inaugural Committee/GG collage)

Friday, January 16, 2009

A café, a balloon, a celebration

A balloon & a café au lait (or un chocolat chaud) . What more could you want? (Rhetorical. No emails with lists, please:) From Pure Wonder series by Ellen von Unwerth, Vogue Italia, Giugno 2007 (scans from personal copy).

Over the weekend, we'll post links to some Inaugural activities, but if you don't have a plan (whether you're here or not), make one now. Have an impromptu festa. Wherever you are, have some fun (& invite others who might not have plans)!

Have a great weekend!
Ciao-meow from GG & her editor

PS: Buon compleanno, Maria Caterina!

Elizabeth Alexander, the Inaugural Poet

We're thrilled for Elizabeth Alexander (who grew up in Washington, DC). She said the other day that the poem is basically finished. Go here for details & to read poems. Pardon us while we commence festivities, including Maria Caterina di Perugia's natal day celebration (today!) GG is miffed that she's not coming with us (but we don't know where/what yet) & it's simply too icy cold out to take her with us. (Photo Elizabeth Alexander/website.)

xo, GG's editor

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Moreau inspiration

Speaking of Jeanne Moreau (we were, here). Update - also on GG's editor's site, here.

Baci, ciao-meow, GG

(Scanned from treasured Vogue Italia, Ottobre 2003. Cinema Stills photostory, Steven Meisel/collage by GG)

Almost Ready in Washington, DC

Almost here, thank goodness. Almost Ready by Washington, DC interior designer Rebecca Maddage; her flickr sets, here. They run the gamut from architecture to animals, Scotland to Iceland & on from there. Really lovely. (Used with permission)


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Desktop déshabillé

We know it's Carla B's desktop. But really, it's not so far off from our own. And we mean déshabillé as in artlessly chic...not just 'messy.' Ahem. (Photograph by Bharat Sikka via CB's site).

redactrice de GG

As I was saying: ¡Hola!

Time constraints, so the chatty Blanquita will do the talking this morning. (Eli in the background is thinking, "Do we have a choice? Sigh.") Here's their humorous human mom's flickrstream [Marianne Perdomo, animal whisperer & rescuer extraordinaire].

NB: This is a feline-approved photo, bien sûr (GG likes dogs).


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Monday, January 12, 2009

French Style, Doré & Goddard

For those who don't read French, or who get a headache from the strain, Garance Doré's witty, elegant blog is now available in English translation (by a human, Magali Eva Suárez). There was an amusing exchange between Garance & Joanna Goddard of the delightful A Cup of Jo last week. One of Joanna's New Year's Resolutions is to dress more like a French woman. Here are Jo's charming engagement photographs by Max Wanger.

Both blogs are a welcome respite during a stressful day. It beats playing computer solitaire--truly.


Update: title change due to font problems. Actually, Doré & Goddard is a cool name for a design or production company, non?

[photo of Jeanne Moreau, time to ask for a Garance illustration, but we will. We love JM for many reasons, but making under-eye shadows sexy--or so we are told (& believe)--is a service to womankind.]

Journey of the Darfur Tents of Hope, part 2

DPDO's Susan Burgess-Lent & Tents of Hope shipping update. The difficulties, tangles, time-line, & Susan's photos. You won't complain about packing for a trip again, ever. Look how pretty everything looks in the first photo (from left: Amal, Katie, Mary Ellen, & GG's editor lurking pinkishly inside the tent); then look at the reality at the shipping facility in NJ.

Reading about this massive undertaking & the (well-meaning but not helpful ) ways people donate can enlighten us all about future endeavours. [See December's post on the progress of the tents.]

Current ETA for tent delivery to Libya is 6 February 2009. Delivery to Darfur--we're hoping for late February/early March. With last week's bombings, we'd prefer not to think about it. One day at a time.

A good Monday to all. We'll be at AFI in the a.m. to try for free tickets to watch the Inauguration from the grand Deco theatre.Wish us luck.

GG's editor

photographs courtesy of Susan Burgess-Lent/DPDO
(top) DPDO tent staff at Tents of Hope, Washington, DC; (bottom) preparing to pack shipping container, Newark