Saturday, November 6, 2010

IKEA Launches Annual Soft Toy Campaign - 2010

Ta da! Oh. We're five days late...eep. If you're planning a trip to IKEA, pick up a soft toy. If you don't need one, donate it to Toys for Tots or another toy-collection campaign. This year, from November 1–December 24, for every soft toy sold, 1 euro (USD $1.35) will go to IKEA global partners UNICEF and Save the Children to extend and start new children's educational programs in 22 countries. The 2010 campaign goal is to raise over $13 million dollars globally, with $1 million being raised in the U.S.

You can count on us to remind you every so often & about the specials upcoming in December, as well. But if you happen to be going to IKEA tomorrow (or today, if you're up too late in Europe--go to bed!), any purchase, however tiny, goes to the campaign.
Don't forget about Darfur Peace & Development baskets (either seconds or firsts) & Made4Aid's Etsy shop. (image of Klapper animal set & Klapper elephant mama & baby via IKEA US website)