Tuesday, June 19, 2012


He ran after butterflies,
Blue ones and red;
He did a hundred happy things—
And then went to bed.~ A.A. Milne

Butterflies are back in our area, what about yours? If you've some young ones around this summer, make sure to bookmark the Children's Butterfly Site. For everyone, Butterflies & Moths of North America (BAMONA) invites citizen scientists to participate in submitting their photographs & observations. The site is beautiful, definitely give this one some attention.

And if you're in the Washington, DC area (or will be visiting), Wings of Fancy is now on at Brookside Gardens through September 16. A must-see.


PS: Nabokov's butterfly drawings. Lovely.

PPS: Needless to say, ahem, we do not condone making earrings out of real butterflies! (Just in case you were wondering.)

(photograph via Автор: Taesang)