Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Scarf Chic, la partie sept...l'oiseau rare

A departure for a scarf series, yes...but a fabric necklace is hard to resist as a twist. The charming necklace is by Sofia of Paris. Her accessories shop, l'oiseau rare, is on Etsy. The necklace sold quickly--no surprise--but Mlle. Sofia has many unique pieces & is open to custom work. Contact her through her shop site's email.

These illustrated kittens are enjoying their new collars. GG resembles the ginger kitten; her friend Hermione is a brunette gattina.
GG would love a dress-up holiday collar. Her editor has lengths of Belgian lace (yes!) squirreled away. Hmmm. A new Christmas lace collar-necklace for GG? C'est bien possible.

ciao-meow, bisou