Monday, November 3, 2008

Bike for Barack

As always, from Here's a link to Bike Washington for cycling in the DC-area. GG is still waiting for her editor to: 1) obtain new bicycle; 2) attach a front basket; 3) put GG in the basket; 4) ramble around town (for all to admire GG). Sadly, it will be quite a while for the realization of GG's feline fantasy. But we will try out our friend Maria Caterina di Perugia's new Gigi bike soon. If a bicycle can be adorable, it is definitely adorable.

Vote, vote, vote. Volunteer, volunteer, volunteer. We are so filled with election anxiety, onset of the vapors is possible; in which case, our having voted absentee in early October was a prescient move.

ciao-meow, bisou,
GG's editor