Wednesday, September 23, 2009

National Book Festival 2009

Giulia wants to attend the festival this year & we are considering giving her a much-needed outing. She has a new cherry-blossom patterned harness & lead & is ready for an afternoon of literary hobnobbing. If you're in, near, or will be in Washington on Saturday, consider dropping by the National Book Festival. (If not, visit the link; it's a bit of virtual amusement.) By dropping into & out of museums along the way, you can get some exercise & see some great autumn exhibits in one day.

BTW, if you see a redheaded, opinionated cat on the loose, grab her. GG aspires to be a museum cat; however, breaking out of the bag & dashing into the National Art Gallery is not on Saturday's menu, no matter what she might indicate to passersby.*

GG's literary agent

*innocent face, purring, meowseling --similar to yodeling, rolling on back & stretching out her amazingly long legs, etc.

2009 Festival Artist: Charles Santore