Monday, March 29, 2010

Made4Aid Monday - Spring Lecture Edition

Update: Monday afternoon: Photographs have disappeared from both of our blogs; we do not know what is going on but we are most irritated. We will try to upload over time. Cheers & we hope the same is not happening on your sites. The Management

Peeps! Please do not tarry--race over to Made4Aid. At least tell them how much you care about their work. Everyone needs a pat now & again. Look here at Rod,
another creature by UK-based The Devil Makes Work. You could give him a home.

Also, there is a gorgeous blue, window-paned handmade bag; two beautiful hanks of hand-spun, hand-dyed yarn; & a marvellous selection of photography cards. The cards are not by auction but a set price.

It's so very easy to participate in this. GG's editor hears from nervous Nellies about bidding & paying. Stop yer whinin'. If you're in North America, you can write a check (or cheque, if thou preferest). There's PayPal. Whatever. We know very well that those who have e-mailed buy things on-line nearly every bloody week. Do we sound annoyed? We are. Well, OK, GG is asleep (presently).

Soon, there will be a break at Made4Aid & perhaps it will return in another format. Meanwhile, these items are available through 3 April 2010.

ciao-peevish-meow/GG's editor

[all images via Made4Aid/all rights reserved/used by kind permission]