Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Plum Plum

Even though GG is a feline, one of her favorite people is a very Clever Pup. Big news: The Clever Pup's artistry is available via her new shop The Plum Plum. See here for a hint about the name if you're in a fog. (We were & it's one of our favorite novels & film! Evidently, we need to do more crosswords.) Anyway, GG Central awaits an order of The Plum Tarts & we're quite interested in the new notebooks as well. Everything is very well-priced & there's more to come.

Yesterday while marketing, we looked at cards & pretty journals for this month's birthdays in GG World. They were quite nice but nowhere near as lovely those above (& they were twice the price, too). Congratulations to our pal, C-Pup!

ciao-woof-meow/GG & her editor

[collage of images from The Plum Plum/The Clever Pup-used by kind permission/all rights reserved]