Monday, June 28, 2010

GG on Holiday

Although Giulia will be home (supervised), she will be unable to post as her editor is taking the laptop on the road for a few days. Therefore, GG is on holiday. We hope very much that you will visit the good people at Darfur Peace & Development Organization (DPDO) while we are away. The Annual Report is available, baskets are ready to sell, & there's a lot of news. We'll post more photographs & more what-you-can-do after the Fourth of July.

Also: Ante Up for Africa's Fourth Annual World Series of Poker will be raising funds for DPDO on July 3. Please see all the news, here.

Please visit all of our blog friends, as well. They are on this page & on bricolage (GG's editor's place to blow off steam, employ first person pronouns, & work on other writing.)

Ciao-meow/GG Central

[gorgeous photograph by the generous Olga]