Friday, September 24, 2010

Giulia - The Harmless, Necessary Cat - Week's End

Giulia & her editor wish everyone a lovely first autumn weekend. The Harvest moon is still very large & beautiful. We hope you've seen it (this is it until 2029). We've been hanging upside down & backwards on a bed to look through a large window. It's very exciting. Less exciting, by far, is the hunt for the masses of brown marmorated stink bugs (see here) marching into our apartment. We add that this is futile, this effort of theirs. We have an arsenal of tissues at hand & a great cat huntress on alert. (When she's not hanging upside down like a bat looking at the moon.)

Back to the sky, the following is via Jupiter, Uranus and the nearly full Harvest Moon met in a rare cosmic lineup late yesterday (Sept. 22), just two days after Jupiter made its closest approach to Earth in nearly 50 years. Wednesday night's sky show also occurred on the equinox, marking the official start of the fall season in Earth's Northern Hemisphere, and spring in the south. If you missed the sky show, don't despair. Jupiter will continue to be a bright skywatching target for several weeks, according to the skywatching website

There are so many photographs of the moon to see elsewhere, but where else can you see GG? (Well, on her editor's blog, bricolage.) This is GG doing a little sky-watching. Until next week,

ciao-heavenly-meow/GG Central