Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Annabelle in Autumn

Autumn officially arrives tonight (at GG Central) at 11:09 Eastern Daylight Time. Herewith, a fun autumnal equinox article (with a pop quiz) from the CS Monitor. GG & her editor would feel much better if the weather would cooperate & knock it off. 90 degrees is not autumnal. Still, we know many people have entered the zone of cooler weather & might be looking for a good recipe. Try Nigella's Supper Onion Pie (for Tough Times)...we posted about it in 2008 before we understood how to regulate font sizes, etc. But follow the links to Nami-Nami food blog & Pille will guide you to a successful outcome (& some variations).

ciao-meow/GG Central

(Annabelle in Vermont--isn't she cute? By Paul Moody via flickr)