Thursday, December 9, 2010

Le Chocolat Chaud

If you can't make it to Angelina in Paris for some chocolat chaud, you might like David Lebovitz's Parisian Hot Chocolate. (He does live there, after all.) Also check out Alison Highberger's article with a classic recipe--she even makes marshmallows. And for a recent first-person, highly delicious account of a day eating only sweets in Paris (including a trip to Angelina), visit The Clever Pup's Paris Notebook. (You won't gain an ounce.)

Today is a busy one here. Christmas decorating. Whether it is completed by this evening depends on how long it takes to untangle Giulia from the fairy light monster. We're pretty sure that National Christmas Tree decorating elves don't have to put up with this nonsense. (The annual lighting is tonight & while all tickets are gone by now, you can watch on television or online. Three syllables: B.B. King!)

ciao-meow/GG Holiday Central

(image via Tamra Irons on Pinterest)