Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Snowflake Marshmallows & Hot Chocolate

Our dear friend Alison Highberger's article, The Perfect Winter Drink in Bend, Oregon's Bulletin food section. Ali & son (sous-chef Nick) are pre-testing some Martha Stewart's Holiday projects. Of course, these marshmallows can be for Hanukkah, as well. You'd probably want to use a kosher recipe & here is one. (We can't vouch for it, though.) For the time-pressed, Whole Foods carries kosher marshmallows that are perfectly fine. For vegetarian/vegan marshies, try this recipe. (Again, no vouching.)

We've no time before Christmas to make these, but we might give them a try for an Inaugural party.

merry ciao-meow!
GG's editor

photo collage [made from Martha Stewart site] from Apartment Therapy, The Kitchn