Wednesday, January 5, 2011

American Duchess

"American Duchess creates clothing designs that interpret the whimsical, natural, and feminine ideals of the past. I love all things of the past, and carry the lovely shapes, fabrics, and styles of these past centuries into my designs for modern wear. I consider myself "fashion backwards," and looks to what was trendy, beautiful, interesting from decades and centuries gone by." American Duchess interview, Garmz

While we're under-the-weather, some more fun. If you read GG on Facebook, you don't have to do anything but go to Garmz & look at fashion designs. Upload some if you like--you don't have to be a traditional professional. (You don't have to be on FB, just go to garmz(dot)com.) Vote on your favorites & winners have their designs manufactured. Yes. And then you can buy them. The site is still in beta but it's fun to look...some of the best designs (including the drawings) are by Lauren Reeser aka American Duchess. Here is her portfolio, her lovely Etsy shop, & her terrific historical costume blog. (pretty illustrations by Lauren Reeser via Garmz)