Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tuesday Tulips

Giulia is snoozing, the icy rain is falling, & GG's editor remains, boringly enough, under-the-weather. If we could take a walk today, we'd be on the look-out for a bunch of tulips. Alas, it remains a virtual experience for now. (Isn't the bicycle a beauty?)

More tulips:
Abby Try Again in the tulip fields of Oregon. Pretty tulip necklace (only $20.00). Another tulip tour, this time in the Netherlands (scads of photographs). A winter tulip arrangement using bits & pieces of leftover holiday greenery. Fun tech: a USB tulip hub. Definitely on our wish list.

ciao-flowery-meow/GG Central

(photographs via
Macy Taliaferro & tinywhitedaisies via Joanna Figueroa, both on Pinterest)