Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday Diversion - Upstairs Downstairs

A new series with a familiar name begins tonight in the States: Upstairs Downstairs. In case you've been hiding under a rock (listen up, Mia aka Bronx Zoo Cobra), the series is related to the venerable old show in that 165 Eaton Place is the center of the action & co-creator Jean Marsh is involved. Unrelated to the original series: there's a monkey named Solomon. Giulia can hardly wait for this simian storyline.

Here's a
review/recap by Jane Austen World. If you'd like to attend the Twitter Party, click on Jane Austen Today (or just log on & use the hashtag UpDownPBS). Tweeting begins at 9pm EDT. These people are hilarious if you just want to laugh at one-liners. GG's editor isn't modern enough to watch & tweet simultaneously. Ahem.

ciao-pip-pip-meow, darlings.

(photograph via PBS Masterpiece)