Thursday, July 7, 2011

Pick Your Own Summer Flowers

We usually pick our flowers at the farmers market as we haven't a garden now. But there is a lovely alternative (when it isn't near 100 degrees) & that is a pick-your-own flower farm. It allows you the fantasy of frolicking in a field of flowers, choosing blooms.

There is a farm not (too terribly) far from
GG Central that is actually named Fields of Flowers. We're definitely going to invite some friends go there this summer. Giulia is a flower-loving little cat but she'll stay home for this outing. No worries, though. She'll have lots of fun picking the flowers out of the vases here at home. *Sigh*

A list of pick-your-own farms (including countries other than the States & Canada).

ciao-flowery-meow/GG Summer Central

(photograph via
Timzou Galerie via Pinterest)