Thursday, December 15, 2011

Ballet at the Movies

An alert to all ballet lovers, whether in the States, Europe, or Australia. The New York City Ballet's Nutcracker played live to audiences in movie theatres across America on Tuesday. (Here's the New York Times review.) The Bolshoi's Nutcracker is showing near us in the Washington, DC-area on Friday afternoon.*

These are positive developments for the ballet-loving public. Many do not have regular access to live in-theatre performances. Those who do may be unable to afford the tickets in this economy. And ballet companies win, too, by this introduction to a new audience: those who travel to New York & other ballet centers will surely be more likely to add a ballet performance to their itinerary.


(photograph by Paul Kolnik via The New York Times)

*The live capture will be shown several times for those who cannot be at the 2pm performance.