Friday, December 30, 2011

Telling Jokes

Can you tell a joke & tell it well? Do you have good timing? Do you know the difference between a joke & a funny story? We're no slouch, really, but GG's editor almost always fluffs the punchline. We're on a mission to change that embarrassing state of affairs in 2012. First up, some basics from Toastmasters International. Then you can move on to Prairie Home Companion's Pretty Good Jokes. (You can find jokes for almost any audience there. We love all sorts but we don't tell really dirty ones.)

If you like topical/political humor, you will probably enjoy the Sexy Liberal show. Until they visit Washington, DC, we'll have to make do with their new CD & occasionally listen to Stephanie Miller's daily radio show. (An already-bestselling CD is available on iTunes & Amazon.)

Off to see ZooLights which is still on today & New Year's Day. No matter where you live, lights are sparkling & festivities are ongoing. Don't be grouchy, go see some lights. Have an Irish coffee, relax!

ciao-meow/GG's in-house comedian

(Woody Allen by Bill Ray for LIFE)