Friday, April 6, 2012

Passover Prep (for Guests)

You're thinking, "It's a little late for that. It starts in a few hours." Calm down, this is for Passover guests, who may not have been to a Passover seder before (or it's been awhile). Not a lot of our fellow bloggers even realized it's Passover week. Everyone has (or will) say, "Happy Easter, if you celebrate." Then, while traipsing about town on pre-Easter errands, GG's editor overheard someone worry about going to his first Passover.

This is last-minute but a search brought up 3 good links:

Passover 101

Top 10 Seder Faux Pas via Gourmet

A Very Shiksa Seder by funny Ellen Snortland

Spiff up, be on time, take some flowers. Smile. Have fun. It's not that hard, peeps.


(photograph via Martha Stewart)