Friday, September 21, 2012

Clutter & Creativity

Clutter & creativity do not go together; at least not in this home. (Why mess causes stress.) The problem on the surface is not nearly as dire as anything on television or in magazines but it feels awful. Two weeks ago, a lot of paper & assorted effluvia left here. What a relief. But a lot has remained & must be kept (paperwork, mostly). And it isn't organizing itself, no. It's just laying there all over the floor! Shriek. 

So, here are some links if you need help, too:

On the advice of a friend, we've signed up to follow FlyLady 

 Eighteen 5-minute tips decluttering tips.

Jane Brody's ongoing decluttering project in the Times.


PS: Inspiring Swedish rooms.

(photograph of an uncluttered room via Livet Hemma)