Tuesday, December 4, 2012


We've found (or re-discovered) so much great music the last month by using 8tracks. Lately, in addition to classic rock, flamenco, French pop, & holiday music are in heavy rotation. You won't be sorry. (We're just using the free service, so far.) As of today, there is no special GG mix-tape but we'll let you know. xoxo

"Algorithm-powered "personal radio" services like Pandora are all very well. But they don't feel nearly as personal as 8tracks, a music site where real people do the choosing of tunes. Members pick at least eight songs (hence the name) from their own collections, upload them and share them as handcrafted mixes that seem like a happy throwback from the cassette era. You can find mixes created by your Facebook friends or simply follow other members who share your tastes. And it's legal — the 8tracks people pay the necessary licensing fees to the music companies." ~ TIME's 50 Best Websites of 2011

(photograph by Nick Bartoletti)