Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Holiday Movies

Under-the-weather (again), ugh. But one thing that can help the stress of the holiday season (&/or feeling less-than-stellar) is a movie. Especially a favorite movie. Many movies are not necessarily focused on the holidays but have major scenes during that time of year (e.g., Bridget Jones's Diary, When Harry Met Sally, Hannah & Her Sisters, & Sleepless in Seattle are a few favorites). As much of a mess (narratively speaking) as Love Actually is, it is still enjoyable. And while there are many favorites, nothing will dislodge It's a Wonderful Life from our No. 1 holiday choice.

Here is the list of Holiday Classics on at our local AFI Silver Theatre (how lucky are we?!). And here is a post with some more good suggestions (& an excellent all round place to read up on classic film) from Paula's Cinema Club.

Make a list & go to the movies! (And have a pizza party while you're at it:) xoxo

(film still by Andy Scwartz via IMDb)