Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Nous sommes en France aujourd'hui...

Giulia is thinking French thoughts...yes, she is half-French, half-Italian. Our friends Isa & Phoenix are visiting family in France & we miss them. We also miss France. So, here's a little video about tying a signature scarf from Mireille Guiliano of Frenchwomen Don't Get Fat fame. Giulia is looking particularly fetching today. She is sporting a moss green organic cotton collar, a gift from our friend Hermione who visited in May. Giulia considers this a sort of "cat scarf" & is mulling over different pin-on flower possibilities for this evening. She has just announced that it will be a pale pink silk camellia...a Chanel tribute.

We have more to post on France today, but Giulia has decided to nap. Her editor is going to take advantage of pretending to be in small-town midsummer France & do the same.