Wednesday, July 23, 2008

We are Much More Than "Just" Basket Weavers

From the online Amber Chand Collection newsletter...

We are Much More Than "Just" Basket Weavers!

darfur womens ctr group

The women in the camp clapped in awe when they heard that they were perceived as "artists"and not just as "weavers of a functional basket."

Susan Burgess Lent, with Darfur Peace and Development Organization, reported this after having just met with the The Womens Center in Kuttum Camp, Western Darfur.

"It was a trans-formative moment," Susan explains, when she told the women that they were considered "artists" by American audiences. In a burst of applause, they clapped and chanted, "We are not just refugees and weavers; we are artists!"
darfur woman
Today, 45 women gather in the special Weavers Tent set up as part of the Women's Center to support women who have been deeply traumatized by the genocide in Darfu

The women arrive, many with babies on their backs, and are served strongly brewed tea as they begin their work weaving these beautiful, colorful, traditional baskets.

Your purchase of these special baskets sends these women not only much needed income to supplement the humanitarian aid they receive, but also these powerful messages: we value your talents and skills -
you are not forgotten!