Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Still in France...Balenciaga, La Coquette, & Département Féminin

Giulia & her editor continue their "staycation," entranced by new & old books & blogs...all things French...a few finds today...a beautiful book on Balenciaga (who after all, influenced the great YSL).

Département Féminin is a way to faux-shop (you can for-real shop, too, but then that means you would be in France & not reading a blog by a cat, uh, une chatte ou la gattina). Another site, Giulia likes is BHV -- where, it is promised, there is 'tout pour trouver son bonheur.' If you can't understand that, it is time to break out the book that Signorina GG received for Christmas last year, Better Reading French by Anne Heminway.

La Coquette is by a French-American woman who lives in far we find her funny & spot-on about many things French and American. Her tagline is: "Don't Hate Me Because I Live In Paris." OK, we'll try. Fume.