Monday, April 20, 2009

Sundown in Santorini

Pardon us while we are so busy. Visit Hidden in France who posts about Santorini, one of our three most favorite places on the face of the earth. Is that nuanced enough? HIF visits a family who have settled in Oia, a gorgeous town on Santorini, & have a blog about it. We've not visited yet. Dial-up, you know. But there are some lovely photos & information on HIF. And we'll pay a virtual visit very soon. (The photos on HIF are so much better than ours, but we remember...)

Also to our friends on Santorini, elsewhere in Greece, & all around the eastern Mediterranean, the Middle East, & Russia, oh heck all of you. Happy Orthodox Easter. Slightly belatedly. GG & her editor received some lovely treats from Ethiopian neighbors, who are also Eastern Orthodox. Yum!