Wednesday, April 8, 2009

GG dans les Tuileries

Another Mainzer vintage cat postcard. It reminds us of les Tuileries afternoon action. (Or any lovely park, for that matter...but GG has her Paris fantasies & the last time we indulged in a GG in the Tuileries post, it was October 2008). Trying to talk her into a Greek fantasy, as that's one of many things/places in mind during this Easter week. Greeks have wonderful holiday traditions that put the Easter Bunny to shame, no offense to EB. (We still love you EB! Don't forget GG's basket). The Italians, especially Rome & points south, have wonderful traditions, too. See Bleeding Espresso's Easter in Calabria. So a trip to Italy first, then Greek Easter a week later would be ideal. Now, how to finance this? Hmmm. These vintage cat postcards, while darling, won't get us far. (via scan from personal collection)