Monday, June 8, 2009

The Piano Teacher

A little fun for a Monday morning. Anyone who took (or is taking) piano lessons can relate to this photograph by Dmitri Kessel [LIFE archives] "You haven't practiced this week, have you? Um, yes, sort of. What, pray tell, is this 'sort of' of which you speak?'"

The Clever Pup (you should visit her, she's done some painting over the week-end) sent us a video that we could actually download & watch on RealPlayer (dial-up, you know). GG loved it. She wants a piano now, too. Probably the whole world has seen Nora, the Piano Tuner...but in case you haven't, she's all over the Internety-Tweetiebird-YouTubes (as our favorite late-night nut would say). So Google that & watch Nora; Googley-Feedburner will 'yell' at us if we put in a corrupted.wmv file here (& we can't tell the difference until it has caused a heap o' trouble.)

UPDATE: The Clever Pup has posted the info for Nora, The Piano Cat & her website. Go here to see. Thanks, Pup.]

Rumor is that the Nora's sequel not only equals, but may surpass, the original video. How often does that happen in the world of entertainment? Huh? It would make a cat laugh.

a cheery-cheeky-ciao/GG & mgmt.