Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Sketchbook Project 2011

Doesn't this look like fun? GG continues to hide her opposable thumbs & cannot participate. But you can. (There is a price but if you would like to be part of a large art project & travelling exhibit, it seems small. Of course, if you cannot, keep drawing anyway!)

Even though GG's editor has used Moleskines for various projects over the years, she was alerted to The Sketchbook Project by the lovely author of secret, fragile skies & agelessbeautyalways (separate blogs). We highly recommend these elegant & slightly wistful reflections by a writer in New York.

Now go sketch, draw, play, start a rumpus. Giulia is exhibiting her talent in that last activity. Right. Now.

ciao-meow/GG's beleaguered editor

(graphics by Hannes Haus from his 2009 Sketchbook)

The deadline to sign up is 31 October 2010. There are discounts for groups.