Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Celebrate Hallowe'en with a Black Kitten

Pssst. Do you live in the Washington, DC-area? There's a wonderful idea on the Washington Animal Rescue League's website (in italics, below). Also enjoy artist Tina Tarnoff's Audition for a Black Cat. It's very funny. (photograph by Ralph Crane via LIFE archives)

ciao-meow/GG Central

In the spirit of Halloween, if you adopt any of our kittens with black hair on them, you will receive 50% off the adoption fee (only $25)! From now until the end of October 31, when you adopt a kitten (under 1 year old) that has any black fur on them, the adoption fee will only be $25. As always, if you adopt a cat that is over 1 year old, the adoption fee is waived. Come in to see the spectacular kittens we have available at the League who are awaiting their perfect, forever homes!