Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Summer in the City

It seems inadequate to say, "It's hot." Because it's more like "Wowsers, it's HOT!"

Giulia's editor just returned from a long walk with visiting friends. It's tempting to stay inside but try to get out...maybe before noon or just as the sun is setting. Plan an urban hike - this means along the trail of coffee shops, gelato carts, & the like. You don't have to rough it.

If you visit Washington (or are new here or just need a few ideas), visit Washington Walks. If you're in London, check out Best Summer Walks. For NYC, try Walking Off The Big Apple. We can't list everyone's town, so do a search for "summer walks."


PS: Don't resist The Lovin' Spoonful video. It's still so catchy!

(photograph by GG fave, Nina Leen/LIFE)