Monday, June 27, 2011

Summer Evenings - Santorini

It's sad to see many people on Pinterest sighing over their "bucket lists" with what seems to be little to no interest in getting beyond the "some day-ness" of it. The only way we got to travel so much is that we planned long before there was money or the time to go anywhere. Buy a guide book--even used--about a place you want to visit. Use a little notebook--it doesn't have to be a Moleskine!--& begin planning. Keep these on your nightstand & before you go to sleep, work on your itinerary, read the book(s).

Meanwhile, make a watermelon & feta salad which is very Greek & healthy, too. And check out this hotel where we stayed many years is affordable. Don't put off planning! *finger wags* We only say it because we adore you.

ciao-meow/GG Travel Central

(Oia by Night by
Marcel Germain)