Monday, June 13, 2011

Sass & Class

This is a head scratchin' & shakin' thing. It's a Seinfeld episode. Woman ticketed for wearing a short skirt while cycling. Where is this? New. York. City. * Pls see update at end of post.

From Cycle Chic Copenhagen yesterday: "What may appear as a joke has proved to be yet another ridiculous incident involving uninformed police officers stopping cyclists for fictional infractions or to chastise them with self-invented rules." Visit Cycle Chic Copenhagen for more photographs, including one of the (alleged) ticketee.

Update - we're checking out reports that this is a hoax. Very uncool, if so. The fact that ticketing has happened elsewhere made it seem probable. Will update. Still, check out the cool skirt-wearing posts at Cycle Chic. Also, there will be a #shortskirtcelebrationride in NYC.

Update (again)

Here's are details from Maureen at Inspired Cyclists. A terrific blog, btw. A celebration ride is being planned for Thursday, 7pm, starting at Columbus Circle. If you're on Twitter, search the hashtag #biknyc for details. Giulia the Cat & her editor will be there in spirit. In short-shorts!

ciao-meow/GG Central

(photograph by The Sartorialist via Pinterest)