Tuesday, November 8, 2011

GG Garden Reminder - Indoor Bulbs

It's time, people! (Oops, it's past time.) Check shops & online for bulbs to force inside. Catalogue copy will usually indicate if a bulb is suitable for indoors persuasion. If you've never done this before, see Concha's post--with lovely photographs--on paperwhites; here's a good post on the ease of forcing regular old crocus bulbs. Kevin Lee Jacobs has an excellent post on indoor bulbs on Garden Design.

Giulia's editor has a longing for hyacinth & muscari this year. Hyacinth bulbs aren't as inexpensive as some others, so we're mulling it over. Possibly, we have mulled until (perhaps) the only hyacinth available will be single bulbs in the market. In which case, sold.


PS: You have time to plant last-minute bulb purchases outside. It's true, believe us. We've planted clearance-priced bulbs in the stinging cold.

(photograph by Kevin Lee Jacobs via Garden Design)