Thursday, March 1, 2012

Everyday Luxury - Daffodils

Yes, it's true. GG's editor is so lazy that she'll leap at two remotely connected ideas, find a photograph & there's a post. ;) Not really. It's St. David's Day & we're flower-less (except for one primrose, valiantly hanging in for over 5 weeks now). But for anywhere between $1-2.50 you can buy 10 stems of daffodils or jonquils. There are also plenty of daffodils/narcissi in pots for fairly low prices. This happy state of affairs lasts usually through May. Go for it!

ciao-cariad-meow/GG's Florist

PS: A true St. David's Day in southern Italy tale from Giulia's human servant

(photograph by Carrie)