Friday, March 23, 2012

Mad Men Prep

Giulia's editor has heard from more than a few people this last week, all confessing Mad Men ignorance. They want to jump on board but are afraid it is too late. People, people. It is never too late. It is good to catch up, though, because these are not cardboard characters; you will find their sometimes awful behavior less upsetting if you like them first. Like in real life.

So here's what you do. You catch up on Netflix, where the four complete seasons stream. (Or Hulu or iTunes. But seriously it is a much better deal via Netflix.)

If you don't have time or patience for that, catch up in your own time & follow these links:

AMC's Mad Men page for newbies.

Rolling Stone's Season 4 recap

One of the best Mad Men blogs is Basket of Kisses with cultural guides & episode reviews. We still loathe the new design but the material is excellent.

Vulture's Mad Men section. Go & read.

If you have some more time:

Ezra Pound Cake's Mad Men week with easy recipes (bonus: funny writer)

AMC's Mad Men Yourself for those avatars you keep seeing on Facebook & Twitter

Rolling Stone's Ultimate Mad Men Playlist

If you do not have a television or cable: do not despair. We watch it on iTunes the next day. The season pass is available now & individual episodes are usually available for purchase the day after the show airs.


(Betty & Don in Rome by Carin Baer for Lionsgate)