Friday, March 2, 2012

Have a Great Weekend

It's raining here but that's no excuse to be bored. Do something new or something you've not done in a while. Some fun links:

Amnesty International presents The Secret Policeman's Ball on Sunday. For the first time, it will be in NYC & guess what? You can watch the Radio City Music Hall show online. (The show begins at 7pm Eastern.)

To make this weekend: Pineapple Crisp (with ginger & lime). Bonus: low-sodium

The Red Balloon is streaming on Netflix Instant. How long has it been since you watched it? It's only 34 minutes.

How to draw elephants (for kids of all ages).

All the Downton Ladies (hilarious gifs)

Cute, fast, DIY mini salt & pepper shakers for picnics, your office.

Farewell, Davy Jones.


(photograph via IMDb)