Saturday, May 12, 2012

A Spring Saturday

It's a bit mad here lately; hope to pick up the posting pace next week. Meanwhile, if you celebrate Mother's Day, there's still time to make a card & pick up some flowers (fair-trade is best, WFoods has tulips, lilies, roses, & more today & tomorrow). Remember that not everyone has a (living or available) mother or children; if you know woman who nurtures, maybe you should think of extending your celebration to include her.

Some links for your weekend:

Remember Dear Photograph? Love it. Now there's a book, too.

Wonderful essay on Finding Poetry in Illness.

Adorable (& hilarious) video Somebody That I Used to Know (By Two Kids in a Car)

A Paris Pastry hop with Dorie Greenspan

Can't stop thinking about this illustration.

The best Super Moon photo of all.


(photograph by Le Portillon)