Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Summer Ideas List for Children

It's that point in the summer when nerves are beginning to fray, ideas for fun are exhausted, & it is so very hot in much of North America (& rainy in the Europe). Or you forgot what you were planning to do. Or you never did make a to-do list anyway. You are in luck because you're reading this & we happened upon Patricia's blog good + happy day on Playful Learning & they have plenty of ideas.

This is not difficult, doesn't cost a lot of money: have everyone at home (or those you see regularly, this can include friends with kids) make a list of ideas. (Here are some of Patricia's.)Then start doing them before the next whine or argument. Do this tonight.


PS: When in doubt, throw an art party. Here is the GG online education resources label (includes children's art & literature sites).

(photograph of the adorable Aurora by Morillo)