Friday, January 4, 2013

Have a Fun Weekend

Still only links to give, sorry to say. Some day there will be a return to longer posts but onward is the idea, today & every day. Have a wonderful weekend & if you're near or in snow, lucky you! (We say that until the third day after a snow & we complain like the rest of you.) xoxo

Fabulous video of the northern lights in Norway.

Beautiful snow (also via Norway).

More auroras. Gasp.

Now you need to warm up, so here's a favorite roast chicken recipe that feels just right for this weekend. Then promise you'll make these beets, even if you think you hate them. Read the post & then decide. So good.

Irish coffee sounds good right about now, too.

Here in North America, Downton Abbey's third season begins on Sunday. Get caught up or refresh your memory, here. And join the Twitter party on Sunday. The perfect reason to join Twitter. Yes. Do it.

(photograph of Hitchcock & grandchildren via Kottke)