Monday, January 14, 2013

Skating Under the Stars

If ice skating is not part of your routine, you probably only think about going during the holidays or during an Olympic winter. If so, it's time you thought about a session by month's end. It's national ice skating month in the States & many ice rinks & arenas are having special events, plus lower rates for a session. If you go, we'll go. Deal? (Our neighborhood has a small outdoor rink, open November through March. No excuses; we walk by it on the way to the market. Gulp. Photos, um, maybe:) If you're coming to Washington, DC for the Inauguration festivities, you should visit the National Gallery Sculpture Garden & go skating, too. If you live near an outdoor rink, try it (or go again). There's something special about skating at night under the stars that makes up for the cold.  xoxo

PS: Reward yourself with this. Or this, if alcohol isn't your thing.

(photograph by Clara Lidström)