Thursday, January 10, 2013

Put Pen to Paper

So who knew it was National (or World - reports vary) Letter Writing Week & why weren't we informed? Coincidentally, letter writing is happening here again, slowly & not all that sparkling with wit, but it's happening. We all know that the personal letter (or postcard) means so much to the recipient, so make time. What holds many back, including yours truly, is the idea that this letter must make up for months (years) of their lack. No, no, no. A short note or postcard is just fine. Think of how you feel when you receive any sort of personal correspondence. xoxo

How to write a thank-you note. A helpful review. (h/t to Lori)

Letters of Note - see how brief a missive can be so effective, there are scores of examples. Here's a favorite.

 After the children have written their thank-you notes, let them play at the online National Postal Museum Activity Zone as a treat.

(Vintage Royal Mail poster via Retronaut)