Friday, October 24, 2008

GG in les Tuileries

GG & her editor can dream, non? We would watch the little kids & their sailboats...people watch, flip through a new Vogue (Zola or Balzac at night), go to a Ladurée shop for a macaron (or two). New York artist Carol Gillott of lovely Paris Breakfasts is off to Paris soon. We wish her a safe journey & look forward to reaping the vicarious rewards of her photography & watercolors upon her return.

We're having some computer troubles so we must go. We have much to report about the Tents of Hope gathering. And GG's big news--for Halloween, she'll be GG the Plumber. We think she's made an excellent choice.

Ciao-meow, xoxo
GG Central Mgmt.