Thursday, July 9, 2009

GG Distressed at July Mess - Week's End

Update: Friday, 10 July 2009. Editorial decision to slap a 'week's end' on this post for sake of sanity & order. There's a lovely new-to-us item for bidding over at Made4Aid. GG is no help at all. She awaits a package delivery of toys & accessories (cherry blossom harness & matching lead) & so is disinterested in her editor's distress. She also has taken to hiding our keys. Seriously. Have a lovely weekend. We hope to be back before Monday.

This is only so Pablo doesn't stand on the beach one more day (see Tuesday post). Sunburn, you know. Seriously, this repeat-with-update is somewhat distressing. We're in similar shape as last August's post. Things are becoming more organized but...

Why this particular (embarrassing) post? We renewed our Phillips Collection (lower right sidebar) membership & rejoice. The purchase of two Prismacolor pens made the week, perhaps the month. You can always go to Made4Aid or Darfur Peace & Development Organization. If you went to both, that would be grand. [Note: left out pitiful thumbnail of Van Gogh painting mentioned below.]


From 24 August 2008, GG: Forgive Our Mess post


Even en vacances, there is work to be done. While GG & her editor move things around the site, please do forgive the mess. GG's editor cannot readily locate her box(es) of Rembrandt pastels, inks, & Prismacolor pencils to illustrate this dire situation. GG's editorial judgment is to post some lovely images by van Gogh & Fantin-Latour, & spare ourselves embarrassment. It's bad enough leaving a mess floating in the ether. Aieeee!

Ciao, nos amis!

xoxo, GG