Saturday, July 4, 2009

GG's Vintage Fourth of July

GG's editor is remiss, again, in finding personal 4th of July pix in time. (In our defense, we are in the midst of tearing up the apartment, shredding, tossing, cleaning, etc.) We hereby vow to find photographs for Christmas in the next few weeks to avoid sloppy posting.

Fortunately, Jessica at myvintagevogue has two great vintage shots. The photograph above is by Robert Kahan , Glamour magazine, 1942. Jessica included, as we will, the Condé Nast Store website link. (Jessica's other image,'s spectacularly Graeco-Roman-goddess-as-American symbol.)

The collage & other shot are by ohad* on flickr commons (from 2006).

A ciao-cheeky-sparklers-forever-meow!
GG & her editor