Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Pablo's Summer Holiday

UPDATE: Wednesday, 8 June 2009. We're leaving Pablo on the beach for the day. Things are a bit, um, busy at GG Central. Last evening, a moment of synchronicity. Via a link in A Cup of Jo we ended up on the double takes blog. Take at least one look at Picasso Drawing with Light. (And go bid on something at Made4Aid. Are you trying to make us look bad? Just kidding. Sort of.) Have a great day/evening! GG/mgmt

Have fun with these photographs. We're very busy elsewhere...we promise Made4Aid soon; but please visit them in the right sidebar.

GG's editor is researching a project & has been looking at LIFE archival photographs of Pablo Picasso. Here is a day at the beach & then drawing with a light pen & it looks like fun.

All photographs by Albanian-born Gjon Mili in Vallauris, France. Mili visited Picasso, Picasso's partner & painter Françoise Gilot, & their son Claude at home in 1949. He also dropped in on Henri Matisse on the same trip. Great work if you can get it! Actually, you don't 'get it,' you make it happen.

Maybe you'll be inspired to do some drawing or painting, with a light pen or a real charcoal pencil., pastels...watercolors? Do something creative & don't worry about how it turns out. The paint's the thing...(apologies to WS).

ciao-moo-miao/the mgmt.