Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Dylan & Sylvia

Update: Illness continues, along with non-negotiable errands out in the rain. Not promising. Therefore, a little birthday repeat from the archives.(GG is not acting up at the moment -- as she was this day last year -- but she'll make up for it, no doubt.)

No, we're not morbid. Why do you ask? Because anyone who posts anything about Sylvia Plath must be: 1) morbid; 2) full of teen-age angst; 3) fill in the blank? Nah. We just like a lot of her work. We do wish that acolytes who seem to have read only The Bell Jar, Lady Lazarus, & Daddy would, uh, read more. And for heaven's sake, quit going on about Ted Hughes; read his poetry, too. Today, is also the natal day of the greatest Welsh poet Dylan Thomas.

GG is acting up, again. We throw up our hands. There is much interesting news, recipes, fashion, literary tales, newly-discovered blogs to mention. But no time. So here's a recipe for Welsh rarebit (not rabbit!) from the Joy of Cooking. (The cookbook was very important to Plath.) Additionally, here are two poems from each troubled, but honored, poet.

GG's poetry editor

[illustration via Vintage Holiday Crafts]