Wednesday, October 21, 2009

GG Garden Reminder - Flower Bulbs

This is a reminder to lay in some bulbs--soon. We don't have a garden either (anymore) but are fairly adept at 'persuading the paperwhite.' Actually paperwhites are easy & in stores now. However, if you buy some bulbs on the weekend, you can force those as well. (We prefer the word persuade.) Follow-up links & reminders to articles forthcoming but you have to buy the bulbs really, really soon. Or you'll be green with envy over all those displays of tulips & other bulbs from the holidays into next spring. We really don't want to hear complaining! (And while you're at it, what do you mean you don't have a pumpkin yet? OK. Well, neither do we...)

ciao-meow/GG's gardener & pumpkin carver

[vintage illustrations via Free Vintage Flowers & Seed Packets/GG collage]